Monday, August 30, 2010

Current Events

Today we met with our patent attorney to discuss filing a patent that deals with nitriding. Currently we have applied for a sister patent dealing with carburization. We would like to discuss the content of these patents with interested parties that may have need of these novel technologies.
In addition, MagnaTech has a patent dealing with alloying of iron powder with phosphorus. The maintenance fee on this patent is due and MagnaTech would like to contact any party that may have an interest prior to the patent expiring and becoming public domain.
MagnaTech still is looking for a foundry to partner with to compete for a Broad Agency Announcement dealing with casting development and technology. If interested contact Ken at 856-786-9061 or by e mail at

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All In A Day

Today was unusual because I went to the shore, in the rain, to view a boat failure. Seems that the individual had a propeller shaft replaced almost a year ago. He was out with his family on Sunday and there were tremendous vibrations, and he made a call for help. He finally made it back to port. On checking out the problem, the propellor was removed and the shaft was found to almost be fractured across the diameter. Since the fracture was not complete, we could not see the surface in detail. However, it appears that the problem is probably fatigue from an incident that happened almost a year ago. He wants the manufacturer to look at the problem first and then if he wants furthur work he will contact us.

On a second topic, MagnaTech is looking for a casting shop, specifically in the production of stainless steel castings to partner with on a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). The proposal is due in September so MagnaTech will require the partner shortly if they are to prepare the proposal. There are ten areas of research of interest to the government. If you are a decission maker in a foundry, MagnaTech would appreciating initial contact to explore whether a viable proposal can be made.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Return of an Old Customer

Yesterday is the kind of day that we like. Right now we are in a transition period where we are waiting decisons beyond our control. While so, we are not as busy as we have been for the last six months. Therefore when an old customer called and asked for some help in resolving a technical problem, we not only gained the job, we also gained an immediate job. Back in the early 90s, this customer had been a main stay. We did his gas analyses--carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur--using our Leco detectors. We also did research using his powder to develop a grade of stainless steel, and also developed his phosphorus iron powder. The customer grew,  hired their own metallurgist and purchased their own Leco detectors. Since then MagnaTech has been contacted several times when this company has had problems which they could not resolve. MagnaTech is always proud to serve where they can. Being a good member of the community is good relations and just the right way of life.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today's Hot Topics

    MagnaTech is a company that has been in business for 26 years. Our purpose is to assist companies in research in specialized areas of powder metallurgy, magnetic materials and applications,  low alloy and stainless steels, and  surface coatings and processes. During our existence MagnaTech has been awarded one patent and is currently apply for two more from work recently completed on two Department of Defense SBIR Phase I contracts. In the past 10 years MagnaTech has been favored in receiving  five SBIR Phase I contracts. In the 26 years of business MagnaTech has been instrumental in the growth of many small starter companies to multimillion dollar companies.
    MagnaTech has several problems. One is that people do not answer telephones in the current age. With return call systems, calls are screened and if the person is not known, then the individual contacted is discourteous to not return the call. We realize that people are being plagued with unwanted calls and that they are overworked, but at least people in past jobs were courteous to return a call. One company that is currently a multimillion dollar company grew and thrived because they made one call and it was answered promply for the benefit of both parties. In addition, people today do not bother to answer e mails either, owing to the volume of SPAM that they wade through every day. How can people establish a business relationship, if there is no communication?
    MagnaTech is therefore establishing their BLOG in the hopes that the content will be sufficiently interesting to establish contacts to mutual advantage. MagnaTech currently has completed two Department of Defense, Navy Air Phase I Sbir contracts and is currently moving for patent protection in respect to the innovative technology that has been developed. MagnaTech expects to be offered an opportunity to participate in a Phase two effort. The technology is in the field of wear resistant coatings, specifically involving carburizing and nitriding. MagnaTech has already petitioned the Patent Office for one patent. The second is currently being constructed. MagnaTech is seeking prime contractors that will help transfer this technology into commercial practice.
    More recently a BAA has been issued regarding research in casting technology. It appears that so much of this industry has been either ceased or transferred to China that the Defense department is either experiencing long time for delivery or faulty parts. They have recently issued the BAA with ten specific research areas in mind. MagnaTech has not done extensive work with foundries, however, MagnaTech may have equipment and ideas that have not been considered. MagnaTech is therefore seeking a partner to participate in participating in this technology. The ideal partner would be a small foundary that does not have the time for research but would like to expand and have casting capability to produce castings of reasonable quality.
    MagnaTech would welcome your correspondence. We reply normally within one day to all telephone calls, e mails and other correspondence. We welcome problems that you neither have the time nor the expertise to handle, specifically in the areas cited above.