Saturday, May 26, 2012

MagnaTech Awarded Patent

The United States Patent Office has just awarded United States Patent 8,182,617B2, "Nitrogen Alloyed Stainless Steel and Process" to Magna-Tech P/M Labs. The patent resulted from work completed on a Phase I study for NAVAIR Contract Number N88335-190-C-0141. In additition to the awarded patent, Magna-Tech has patents pending on processes to carburize and nitride martensitic stainless steels. Magna-Tech welcomes discussions with interested parties regarding the content of these patents. The developed processes decrease carburizing or nitriding time more than half. Magna-Tech currently is in the fifth month of a Phase II NAVAIR contract to scale up the carburizing process to serve as a surface providing improved wearability and corrosion resistance for applications such as hookpoints. In addition to the above, Magna-Tech intends to propose new research designed to develop higher energy product permanent magnets at lower cost to the Department of Energy. These new alloys are designed from powders, using technology that Magna-Tech has patented. Magna-Tech is also exploring opportunities to the Defense Logistics Agency to broaden the applications that could benefit from the new carburizing and nitriding technology that has been developed and continues to be developed. Please contact Ken Moyer at 856-786-9061 or to learn more about these Magna-Tech innovations.