Thursday, December 1, 2011

MagnaTech Submits Proposal to NSF

MagnaTech has a new idea for recovering phosphorus from waste material and making it a useful product. MagnaTech intends to accomplish this by using a recently developed toroidal phase separator to react the phosphorus in the waste product and ultimately produce an alloy that can be used for magnetic and strength applications in motors, and transmissions in automobiles. Phosphorus is presently a contaminant in waste water that must be removed to make our fresh water supply useable. Currently there are processes to accomplish this. However, the phosphorus is eventually returned to the ground as fertilizer and must be removed again. One sewerage plant has told us that removal of the sludge to landfill costs $900,000 per year. In addition, current ores to produce phosphorus and its compounds are reported to be depleted by 2050. To make matters worse, EPA is currently suing ongoing operators of the mines for contamination of waters in the region.
MagnaTech believes that they can develop a process whereby the phosphorus in waste product can be recovered without a threat to the environment, and convert the phosphorus recovered to useful product. Several interested parties are considering support of the new technology.
MagnaTech has also completed all financial adaptations to change their accounting system to comply with cost plus fixed fee projects awarded through government contract. MagnaTech currently awaits approval to resume scale-up of a carburizing or nitriding process developed that is in the process of being patented for protection of hook points from wear and corrosion.
MagnaTech specializes in custom research in materials and materials processing. As such, MagnaTech is interested in discussions on how we can help you resolve your problems in a world that examines bottom line economics and not customer control of value added to produce more desirable products.