Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Patent

MagnaTech has been informed that they have been awarded a patent that uses gaseous nitrogen in a nano state to alloy nitrogen with high strength powders. When consolidated using HIP technology, the powders become dense and exhibit excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and toughness. MagnaTech now owns two patents, and has three additional patents pending.
In addition, MagnaTech was issued a purchase order yesterday to begin a study of P/M magnetic alloys to be tested for electromagnetic shielding. MagnaTech is doing more and more outside service testing for customers that need to know the properties of these special purpose nickel iron alloys. The equipment required to test these materials is expensive, and is concentrated primarily with the material manufacturers. Therefore, when a parts producer requires outside verification of properties supplied by the material producers, they look to MagnaTech to substantiate the documented properties. The materials are used for DC or pulsed DC applications, and require high magnetic permeability and low coercive field. These properties are difficult to achieve, and are important to the end user. If you have a need for these services, MagnaTech may have your solution. In addition, Moyer of MagnaTech offers one or two day short courses, including magnetic theory, magnetic materials and test methods. Call or email us if you have need of these services.