Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Seminar

As we announced in December, MagnaTech has been awarded a patent describing new technology in low vacuum, high temperature nanocarburizing of steel. This patent was particularily oriented toward the carburization of martensitic stainless steels. The novelty of the patent is that MagnaTech uses temperatures greater than normally recommended to carburize steel surfaces to a hardness greater than 60HRC to a depth of 1 mm (0.040 inch) in times of two hours for sections 2.5 inches diameter. MagnaTech has now prepared a seminar describing the developed technology. This seminar is available to interested parties and  potential users of the technology. To learn more about the technology and to arrange a seminar please email or call Ken Moyer or Katie Small at MagnaTech P/M Labs.
The technology was developed through a Navy contract where MagnaTech was selected in an SBIR competition to develop an improved wear and corrosion resistant surface for hook points that are received by pendants located on the decks of Navy aircraft carriers to slow and arrest the landing aircraft. MagnaTech is participating in the second year of the contract. Upon completion of the work, the objectives are to  commercialize the technology or  license the technology to interested parties. MagnaTech recently has supplied the Navy with information to permit the Navy to distribute the technology to potential users under contract to the Navy and to prepare for the commercialization of the technology after successful completion of the work. MagnaTech is currently in the final stages of scaling up the process to satisfy production requirements.
MagnaTech also is in the initial stages of planning research to reclaim unwanted product from waste water and to upgrade the extract to provide novel powders and parts for commercial application. MagnaTech is particularily interested in identifying potential partners with expertise in membranes, and that have access to fluid beds that can upgrade the products for commercial usage. Again, if there are interested parties that wish to be partners in this venture, contact Ken Moyer or Katie Small at MagnaTech P/M Labs.
To all our friends and customers, we extend a Happy Easter or a Happy Passover to our Jewish friends and customers. Fair Winds!