Saturday, February 23, 2013

Update on Magnetic Testing and Development

Magna-Tech continues to expand our ability to serve the materials industry dealing with magnetic applications and testing.  Earlier this month we attended a joint conference presenting the newest information on permanent magnet activity and development, as well as the use of magnets in automotive design.  More recently, Magna-Tech has expanded its customer base in the testing or iron-nickel alloys to include testing or iron-cobalt alloys.  the problem inherent to testing these alloy systems begins with the necessity of using thin laminations.  To make the magnetic measurements, first a measurement of the dimensions is required to determine the cross sectional area and mean path.  These measurements must be made very carefully to avoid problems in variation in thickness and burrs created during stamping of the laminations to their desired shape.  Incorrect measurements can result in a cross sectional area that is larger than intended, resulting in lower magnet induction measurement in the iron-cobalt alloys.  In addition, in the iron-nickel alloys, measurements required to define the permeability and coercive field require low amperage as well as careful winding to permit precise measurements of the induced magnetic flux.  Careful measurement is required to satisfy properties required for long term, fast response requirements to a given signal.
In addition to DC magnetic measurements, there is currently a demand for core loss measurements as well for pulsed DC or AC applications.  This requirement is necessary either because large applied fields are required to provide maximum magnetic induction, or because of frequency required for operation of the specific device.  Magna-Tech is currently in the process of adapting our equipment to make these measurements.  Magna-Tech also participates actively in ASTM A 06 activities.  ASTM Committee A 06 is responsible for writing and maintenance of specifications on magnetic material properties and test methods to derive these data.  Magna-Tech is currently reviewing Specification A596 to determine whether any alterations are required to ensure the precision and quality of this specification.  In more recent activity, Magna-Tech participated in the review and affirmation of powder metallurgy iron and iron-nickel specifications, and the updated wrought iron-nickel specification.  Magna-Tech will be attending the next ASTM A 06 Committee meeting to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, on 20 and 21 May 2013.  Magna-Tech is currently interested in finding a partner to develop magnetic powders for high frequency applications.  Magna-Tech owns a patent to microalloy powders for property modification.  Magna-Tech believes that this new technology, coupled with past research, could produce a powder with improved properties compared with present sintered ferrite products.
For inquiries and further information on magnetic alloy development and testing capability, please contact Ken Moyer at Magna-Tech P/M Labs.