Saturday, January 26, 2013

MagnaTech Begins Second Year of NAVAIR Contract

Well, it is a new year and new years bring changes. Last year was a good one for MagnaTech, and we are looking forward to further expansion this year. In addition, this is a year of transition for our present Navy contract. To date, we have been using cylinders to define the surface and core properties of the carburized alloys. We have also spent the past year understanding why and how carburization results from our process. We now have a good understanding, and we are preparing to commercialize our technology. We are preparing a slide show that describes what we are doing and how the technology can benefit you, our customers. We should be prepared to accomplish this objective by spring, not too far away. In addition, as I said, this year will be a year of transition. Now that we have the surface and core properties defined and understand the mechanisms that result through our technology, we now have to demonstrate the wear and the corrosion resistance under simulated practical conditions. We are now underway on this transition, and we intend to have initial test results by next month. In addition to these activities, there is more and more interest in magnetic testing of iron nickel and iron cobalt alloys. MagnaTech is one of the few laboratories other than producers and large companies that are prepared to do these tests. Therefore, in addition to doing tests to determine direct current properties, MagnaTech is considering adapting their test facility to report core losses to a frequency of at least 400 Hz. These objectives kick off a very ambitious expansion for the first part of this year. We are excited about these opportunities and challenges and look forward to serving you, our customers, with the information that you require to improve your products.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

MagnaTech Salutes You Our Customers for a Great Year

The year 2012 was a great year for MagnaTech because, you, our customers helped us to grow and to serve you better.On the 10th of January, our first good news was received. At that time MagnaTech was notified by the Navy that a two-year Phase  II contract was awarded to develop a protective surface for the hook points of aircraft landing on present day aircraft carriers.  MagnaTech has now been working on this contract for a year, and we have developed four alloys that are of interest for continuing work. The requirements of the program are to provide a hardness of greater than 60 HRC to a minimum depth of 1 mm on a ferrous hook point . To date, we are on schedule, the Navy is pleased with the progress, and we are prepared to forge into the future. Currently we are building the load capacity to carburize 80 hookpoints. In addition, we are in the process of designing a test apparatus to simulate wear and corrosion resulting from landing conditions on aircraft carriers. At the end of this year we need to be prepared to commercialize the process.
In conjunction with commercialization. MagnaTech filed for patent protection for the technology developed  over two years ago. Just prior to Christmas, MagnaTech was informed that the patent has been granted. MagnaTech has other patents pending that protects similar technology in respect to nitriding.
MagnaTech has also been preparing a marketing and  business plan to establish a company to commercialize the new technology. The financial section of the business plan is completed, and we are working on the executive summary of the document now. MagnaTech is also in the beginning stages of developing a marketing plan to commercialize the new technology.
In conjunction with all this activity, MagnaTech has also hired a new employee to assist in growing the new company. This person has done a remarkable job and has done much to provide the kind of friendly service that you expect.
 MagnaTech also continues to increase its consulting and testing service, in particular to those that are making ribbon and metal injection molded magnetic parts for demanding magnetic properties. Magnatech is already servicing four producers that require testing and consulting service in respect to their technology, and we also expect to gain three additional customers this coming year.
Overall ,MagnaTech is happy with our growth. We have yet to receive any complaints regarding service delivery and downright tender loving care for you, our most valued customers and friends As usual, a hearty thank you for considering us for testing and consulting on your critical processing. May this new year continue to build on these relationships. Fair Winds!