Friday, November 29, 2013

Crossroads or New Opportunities

Thanksgiving has now come and gone and MagnaTech has had much to be thankful for this year.We are now a little over a month away from successfully completing our Phase II NAVAIR contract to develop carburizing, nitriding and carbonitriding processes for wear and corrosion applications. MagnaTech is now in preparation mode to continue this work through participation in a Phase III contract with the Navy. We are doing this through the guidance of a company engaged by the Navy to make the transition most probable. More recently, in preparing for the transition, MagnaTech has initiated a very informative study regarding the requirements of furnaces that MagnaTech believes must be carefully considered if the processes are to be commercialized. Each furnace studied is different and each has its own attributes to provide the best surface quality and the best return on investment. MagnaTech believes the continuation of this study is part of the future yet to come. MagnaTech is quite excited about the potential of this work. Also MagnaTech is always looking for new customers to assist, and to establish new relationships to MagnaTech and the customer's mutual advantage. In this respect, MagnaTech has never abandoned their strength and expertise in the powder metallurgy and magnetic arenas. MagnaTech currently is doing precision testing of Permaloy cores required for the most demanding magnetic applications. In the past MagnaTech personnel wrote the magnetic specifications for the magnetic properties of powder metallurgy iron alloys, ferritic stainless steels and 50 nickel/50 iron alloys. MagnaTech now has an opportunity to work with a metal injection molding company to develop and improve the magnetic properties required of their products. MagnaTech is anxious to begin this new phase in our customer's development effort. MagnaTech's mission is always to use the latest technology to develop and improve new materials and processes to improve the quality of the customers' products, and hence the life of our future generations. With the new year fast approaching, perhaps you too could benefit through the expertise of MagnaTech personnel in either improving or launching your new material or process.