Saturday, January 14, 2012

MagnaTech Gains New Customer

This was a great week for MagnaTech. Not only did we receive a Phase II Department of Defense contract but we were notified that we have been selected to do magnetic measurements for a defense contractor who makes gyroscopes for missiles. MagnaTech has equipment to make direct current measurements of magnetic induction, residual magnetism, relative maximum permeability and coercive field according to ASTM Test Method A596, Standard Test Method for Direct-Current Magnetic Properties of Materials Using the Ballistic Method and Ring Specimens. This and ASTM Specification A773 are the preferred specifications for the measurement of the direct-current magnetic properties of Nickel-Iron soft magnetic alloys.
MagnaTech this week has also submitted a white paper for a BAA proposal to develop a system of ternary alloys containing iron,aluminum and phosphorus.MagnaTech expects delivery of 440C stainless steel and AISI 9310 steel this week to begin expansion of the program to investigate high temperature carburizing of Pyrowear 675 and
AISI 4330 V already in inventory, as well as the two steels expected this week.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

MagnaTech Is Awarded Phase II Contract

MagnaTech has just signed a two year contract to continue work on carburization and nitriding processes that are awaiting patent approval. The first year of the new contract adds low alloy steels to the alloys studied in addition to the martensitic stainless steels that have been successfully carburized and nitrided.In addition, the process will be scaled up in the first year to simulate production loads of hook points. The second year of the contract will translate the process over to the direct production of prototype hook points and development of a machine to test the wear, corrosion and fatigue resistance of the hook points under simulated conditions prior to actual performance.If the work is successfully completed, MagnaTech will prepare to commercialize the technology.
In addition to the above new contract, MagnaTech is currently considering revision of work for which they contracted with the Department of Energy. That study involved the development of iron aluminum alloys for magnetic applications. At that point, the new alloys satisfied all required properties for emerging more efficient electric motors. One hurdle remained, and that was that the automotive industry wanted a magnetization of 15,000 gauss (1.5 teslas) at an applied field of 100 oersteds (7960 A/m). Owing to the well known thermite reaction, it was not possible to achieve this goal because of the expansion that occurred during the alloying stage of processing. MagnaTech believes that they have a modification of their original concept that will permit this obstacle to be overcome, as well as improve the original magnetic properties of the alloys. MagnaTech would be interested in discussions on the technology they have developed or are currently in the process of developing.