Sunday, September 19, 2010

Revisiting the Iron Phosphorus Alloys

MagnaTech has recently learned of a new possible way of economically creating sintered iron phosphorus alloys. These alloys are currently used where higher strength is required, compared with traditional iron-carbon, and iron-copper-carbon sintered powder parts. In addition, the iron phosphorus alloys have improved resistivity for AC magnetic applications. Also, when sintered properly, these alloys exhibit higher permeability and lower coercive force than most soft magnetic alloys. MagnTech would like to discuss the research that they intend to propose in December to interested parts fabricators that wish to improve their sintered parts at reduced material costs. Interested parties may contact Mr. Moyer at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magnatech Submits Proposal to the Defense Logistics Agency

Today MagnaTech submitted a proposal for research to improve casting performance. The proposal takes a proprietary technology developed by MagnaTech and proposes a process that is designed to eliminate surface flaws by nanoalloying the surface to provide a hard, corrosion and wear resistant surface with improved fatigue strength. Further modification of the process will permit microstrucure refinement and improved strength and toughness of the casting. MagnaTech has two investment casting houses participating in the program. For those interested in further details and possible participation contact Mr. Moyer at 856-786-9061.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Magna-Tech is currently in the process of extending the technology that they have recently developed to use nanotechnology to enhance wear and corrosion resistance of martensitic stainless steels. The same processing technology can also be used to through harden martensitic stainless steel parts to provide higher strength and improved toughness. Currently there are problems with skin effects that happen when steel is cast into molds. Magna-Tech believes that the process we have developed can overcome these troublesome conditions that affect the fatigue strength of castings. Magna-Tech is in the process of obtaining patent protection for the innovative process and is currently seeking financial backing to exploit the developed technology. Interested parties, either seeking a license or investment opportunities, may gain additional information by contacting Ken Moyer at

Friday, September 3, 2010

MagnaTech Finds Partner for Casting Research

MagnaTech now has a partner to co-operate in producing cast specimens to define the mechanical properties of cast 430 C stainless steel in preparation to assisting the foundry to serve the Defense Department as a future supplier. The Department of Defense is currently under the gun attempting to find sufficient foundrys with satisfactory technology to deliver castings on time that are of high quality. MagnaTech intends to use its patent pending process to innovate a   modified 430 C cast alloy using nanotechnology to create a surface that is more corrosion and wear resistant. Currently the industry has difficulty with skin effects that cause premature failure. Anyone interested in the new technology that has been developed  please contact moyer@snip. net for additional information.