Saturday, November 24, 2012

An Update On Activities

Last week Moyer of MagnaTech attended an A06 Magnetic Test Methods meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. This committee is responsible for writing and maintaining all ASTM specifications regarding magnetic materials and the testing thereof. MagnaTech tests nickel base alloys according to ASTM A596, and since the specification was due for review, Moyer agreed to study the specification to determine whether any revisions are required. Two magnetic powder metallurgy specifications pertaining to iron and nickel iron are also due for review. Since these specifications were written by Moyer, he agreed to study these specifications for changes also.
MagnaTech is also about to submit a proposal for the use of its patented carburizing and nitriding processes to extend to forging grade alloys (tool steels) to improve the life of forging dies. The cost of construction of a forging die is expensive, which often precludes the option of producing a quality part using forging technology.
MagnaTech is currently interested in preparing a proposal for the Department of Energy to explore research to produce iron-nitrogen permanent magnets to replace expensive iron neodymium boron magnets currently required for the electric car. Development of this technology is a possible alternative to the present gasoline propelled vehicle that is being blamed for contributing to the pollution of the atmosphere. Also required are improved low loss magnetic materials for passive inductors. As an alternative to submitting a proposal for the development of iron nitrogen permanent magnets, MagnaTech may elect to develop a soft magnetic alloy for this application. MagnaTech has been active in this activity in the past.
In addition to the above, MagnaTech is winding up its first year of a two-year Phase II SBIR contract to scale up its patent pending processes to improve wear and corrosion resistance of hook points for the Navy. The contract is on schedule, and MagnaTech expects to be prepared to commercialize the technology at the end of the two year contract. The second year of the contract, in addition to scaling up the process, is also to develop a test method to certify the improved wear resistance of the surfaces that have been carburized or nitrided. MagnaTech personnel are interested in talking with interested parties about the new carburizing and nitriding technology.  Magna-Tech is also interested in talking with prospective partners regarding new innovative technology for development.