Saturday, February 4, 2017

Expansion In Magnetic Technology

MagnaTech has been active in development of soft magnetic alloys since the 1980s. At that time Hoganas Sweden developed a powder metallurgy alloy that contained phosphorus. However, Hoganas did not develop the alloy for magnetic applications, but because it contributed solid solution strengthening to iron.
At this time, in America, General Motors was developing a new motor concept for automotive engines. They therefore approached Hoeganaes, Riverton for assistance in making this part. However, General Motors was familiar with silicon steel,  not powder metallurgy. Therefore we convinced GM  that this new phosphorus iron  I was developing for magnetic relays would do the job for their application. Therefore, the phosphorus irons were developed for magnetic applications and a new market for powder metallurgy technology was born. Later on, powder metallurgy ferritic stainless steels were developed for applications that sacrificed some magnetic performance for improved corrosion resistance.
Since then MagnaTech has become more active in consulting and testing of laminated magnetic alloys, such as molybdenum permalloy and iron cobalt alloys. MagnaTech has used only ASTM Specification BA596 (Equivalent ASTM A773) for testing these materials, and continues to do so. However there is now a demand for determinimg core loss of these materials for AC applications. MagnaTech is considering modifying their test equipment to also accomplish this testing in accordance with ASTM A927.
In addition to the above, the alloys of interest require carefully controlled heat treatment to perform to the level expected of the device.MagnaTech is interested in developing qualified sources to provide this service.
MagnaTech has been active both in research and development of heat treatment of these materials as well as in development of procedures for the testing of these magnetic materials that require properties for critical performance. If your company has need for these services please contact MagnaTech and we will quickly respond to your requirements.