Thursday, December 1, 2011

MagnaTech Submits Proposal to NSF

MagnaTech has a new idea for recovering phosphorus from waste material and making it a useful product. MagnaTech intends to accomplish this by using a recently developed toroidal phase separator to react the phosphorus in the waste product and ultimately produce an alloy that can be used for magnetic and strength applications in motors, and transmissions in automobiles. Phosphorus is presently a contaminant in waste water that must be removed to make our fresh water supply useable. Currently there are processes to accomplish this. However, the phosphorus is eventually returned to the ground as fertilizer and must be removed again. One sewerage plant has told us that removal of the sludge to landfill costs $900,000 per year. In addition, current ores to produce phosphorus and its compounds are reported to be depleted by 2050. To make matters worse, EPA is currently suing ongoing operators of the mines for contamination of waters in the region.
MagnaTech believes that they can develop a process whereby the phosphorus in waste product can be recovered without a threat to the environment, and convert the phosphorus recovered to useful product. Several interested parties are considering support of the new technology.
MagnaTech has also completed all financial adaptations to change their accounting system to comply with cost plus fixed fee projects awarded through government contract. MagnaTech currently awaits approval to resume scale-up of a carburizing or nitriding process developed that is in the process of being patented for protection of hook points from wear and corrosion.
MagnaTech specializes in custom research in materials and materials processing. As such, MagnaTech is interested in discussions on how we can help you resolve your problems in a world that examines bottom line economics and not customer control of value added to produce more desirable products.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

MagnaTech Approved to Receive Government Contracts

MagnaTech has just received the good news that their audit has been completed successfully. MagnaTech is now awaiting issuance of a Phase II SBIR contract from the Navy to continue development of their patent pending process for carburizing or nitriding of martensitic stainless steel surfaces to improve protection of hook points from abrasion, while maintaining toughness and excellent corrosion resistance in sea water. When issued, the contract will be for a two-year program to scale up the present processes to produce furnace loads of carburized or nitrided hook points. In addition to the martensitic stainless steels, MagnaTech will also explore extending the present processes to include the carburizing or nitriding of low alloy steels currently designed for this purpose. Within the second year of the contract, MagnaTech will transfer the optimum conditions to surface harden actual hook points. MagnaTech will also, with the assistance of Bud Labs, Rochester, New York, construct a test rig to test the carburized or nitrided surfaces under simulated test conditions.
In addition to the major project about to be initiated, MagnaTech continues to grow a market for the magnetic testing of materials that are being designed by other companies to improve the magnetic performance of materials slated for new designs, in particular small fractional motors and fast nickel irons for applications such as solenoids.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magnatech Completes Federal Preaudit

MagnaTech believes that it is now qualified to receive government research projects. This statement results from an extensive adjustment of MagnaTech financial practices to conform with government requirements for cost plus fixed fee contracts. MagnaTech is currently awaiting a Phase II SBIR contract to continue work pertaining to carburization and nitriding processes, which are currently being reviewed for patent award. The Phase II contract, when offered,would concentrate a two year effort to research the possibility of including the technology to carburize or nitride less costly alloy steels to provide improved wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, the process will be scaled up to produce pilot loads of simulated parts for preparation for production. MagnaTech is interested in talking with interested parties regarding this new technology designed to reduce production time, produce cleaner parts and to improve the environment.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MagnaTech Submits Phase I Proposal to the Department of Energy

MagnaTech has now submitted a Phase I SBIR proposal to the Department of Energy. The proposal describes a research effort to reclaim phosphorus from wastewater sludge by reacting the phosphorus within the sludge with iron powder. Once the phosphorus has been reacted, the reacted powder will serve as a fluid bed to homogenize the phosphorus within the iron particles. It is expected that the powder produced will be further cold die compacted and sintered into parts for automotive transmissions and motor components, such as rotors and stators. MagnaTech currently has a patent accomplishing the same objective, using elemental phosphorus as the material. In the new concept, the phosphorus within the sludge is intended to replace the elemental phosphorus. The new technology will be beneficial to sewage authorities and other sources with unwanted phosphorus that must be transported to a landfill at the authority's expense. it will also alleviate health issues related to current processing techniques and conserve existing diminishing supplies of ore that are expected to be depleted by 2150. MagnaTech would be interested in dialog with interested parties concerning this new technology.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MagnaTech Revises Books To Receive Government Contracts

Magna-Tech has now completed a total revision of their accounting system. To accomplish this objective, Magna-Tech purchased Quick Books and established accounting to permit tracking of expenses on a per project basis. Magna-Tech is currently awaiting government audit to receive its first government contract requiring cost plus fixed fee status.
Magna-Tech is also in the initial stages of proposing new technology to the Department of Energy to reclaim phosphorus from waste water and nanoalloy the product with iron powder to manufacture phosphorus iron powder. Magna-Tech owns a patent that converts elemental phosphorus into its gaseous state to react with iron powder to produce alloy powders that contain either 0.45 m/o or 0.8 m/o phosphorus in solid solution in the iron. These powders are commercially available to produce parts for transmission and motor components in today's efficient automobiles.If the Magna-Tech technology is developed,the powders and parts could be produced by a process more friendly to the environment, recovers waste material that requires cost for disposal and conserves depleting reserves for phosphorus production, using environmentally unfriendly mining practice.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

MagnaTech Update

Hi All: Magna-Tech continues to grow and increase their customer base. Magna-Tech has recently revised their accounting system to accomodate Quick Books. Magna-Tech has made this change in their accounting procedure to prepare for a Phase II Navy Department of Defense contract. When awarded, the contract will encompass the continuation of research of a patent pending for a high temperature nanocarburization process, and will scale up the process to produce and evaluate hookpoints for Navy consideration. In addition to the martensitic stainless steels, additional martensitic and low alloy steels will be included in the program. When awarded, the program will be of two-year duration and then Magna-Tech must consider making the process available commercially.
In addition to the above pending award, Magna-Tech has submitted an additional proposal to the Navy to improve the carburization process, using different technology to carburize or nitride gears and bearings for Navy aircraft applications. In addition to innovations in the process, Magna-Tech also intends to extend the process to carburize parts with difficult aspect ratios and long internal bores, hard to uniformly carburize using today's developed processing.
Magna-Tech is currently preparing a proposal for Department of Energy consideration. The proposal will include processing of waste water to create phosphorus as an element for additions to alloy ferrous powders. Magna-Tech is currently investigating partners that may be interested in joining in this venture.
Magna-Tech continues to service their valued customers, and will await consideration and funding for these new projects. Currently Magna-Tech is serving several customers by conducting magnetic testing and consulting. In addition
Magna-Tech is responsible for research and Quality Control of tungsten carbide parts and heat treatment procedures for an important client. Magna-Tech also is involved in consulting and testing of powder metallurgy parts, materials and processing.
In addition to the above, Magna-Tech is always interested in partnering with others, or just simply serving as consultant or offering their laboratory for outside testing services.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moyer Receives Award

On May 19,2011 Mr. Moyer was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Meritorious Service by the Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter of ASM International. Mr. Moyer is currently Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee awards three scholarships of $1500 annually to deserving students currently participating in an undergraduate program in Materials Engineering. The awards this year were presented to students at Drexel University and Villanova University. Mr. Moyer is a Past Chairman of the Chapter and has served in many functions in Chapter activities and leadership rolls. Mr. Moyer has also been active serving on National Committees and has been a Fellow of ASM International since 1977. Mr. Moyer recommends that any young or old engineer involved in materials development or design become interested and participate in Chapter activities. As a young engineer the Chapter provides opportunities to develop leadership skills and provides an opportunity to remain current on new developments and activities in the materials field. Mr. Moyer is deeply grateful for the honor bestows and is humbled because there are others that are more deserving than he is for the honor.

Friday, May 13, 2011

MagnaTech Completes NAV AIR Phase I Option To Develop A Carburizing Process

MagnaTech has just completed a Department of Defense Phase I Option Contract. The contract required continued development of a carburizing process or development of a carbonitriding process to provide a martensitic stainless steel with a hardened surface greater than 58 HRC for a depth of hardness of 1 mm (0.040 inch). MagnaTech has accomplished this objective. Further testing for wear resistance has shown that the resistance to abrasion by sand at a given load is three times greater than the present Metco 12 C hardfaced surface. In addition, the corrosion resistance in a salt solution is comparable. MagnaTech has applied for patent protection to protect the developed process and is currently awaiting a decision by the Patent Office. MagnaTech has a similar process to nitride martensitic stainless steels and has also applied for patent protection regarding this process.
MagnaTech has submitted a proposal for continuation of the development to improve wear and corrosion resistance of hook points for landing gear of navy aircraft. If granted a Phase II contract, MagnaTech will extend the work to determine whether the process can be applied to low alloy steels and also scale up the process to carburize surfaces of wear resistant components to satisfy production requirements. If granted, the research will involve a two year effort and will lead to production of martensitic stainless steel parts requiring surface modification for enhanced wear, particularly from abrasion, under adverse environmental conditions.
MagnaTech is currently contacting companies that require hard, wear resistant surfaces to determine whether the process can be of advantage for their applications.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

MagnaTech Tackles Nitriding of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

MagnaTech has been working on development of new processes for carburizing, nitriding or carbonitriding martensitic stainless steels.This effort has been prompted by a Phase I and a Phase I Option Navy contract. MagnaTech is currently awaiting notification as to whether they will be granted a Phase II contract to continue the program and scale up the effort for production. MagnaTech has applied for patents for protection of the developed property.
Recently Magna-Tech has become involved with the nitriding of 17-4 PH stainless steel. These stainless steels have a more corrosion resistant chromium oxide surface layer. For the nitride source to penetrate the surface and deposit on the surface for subsequent diffusion, the protective oxide film must be reduced. Many techniques have been tried with most being unsuccessful. These techniques include hydrogen reduction, acid solutions, and mechanical impingement of media on the surface. Any success has been classified as proprietary. Magna-Tech intends to use its knowledge of surface chemistry to resolve the problem. In the interim, Magna-Tech is looking for a company to partner with to provide an immediate temporary solution. Our customer has three parts to nitride, and they are two months late in delivery. Therefore if you are currently practicing nitriding, Magna-Tech would be delighted to work with you to satisfactorily solve this problem and for you to gain a new customer.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update On MagnaTech Activities

MagnaTech has been extremely busy since our last posting. Since then MagnaTech has been awarded a Phase I Option on their carburizing and nitriding process. The current award is in its third month and is on schedule.There was a problem that MagnaTech believes  they have resolved. In addition, further extension of the process is occuring. MagnaTech has applied for patent protection of the developments made to date. MagnaTech is interested in talking with potential users of the technology. It is estimated that processing time is reduced by half, compared with current practice.
MagnaTech also has an active laboratory that tests for magnetic properties of materials. Currently MagnaTech business is growing in this area. Recently MagnaTech provided a one day seminar on magnetic theory and practice to a new customer. Again, if you have need of these services, MagnaTech would appreciate hearing from you. Our service is just a phone call away.
MagnaTech has also just completed a Phase II proposal to NAVAIR to continue development of the processes to carburize, nitride or carbonitride shoes of tailhook assemblies. MagnaTech is grateful to the Navy for the opportunity to serve.
Should your needs be in surface treatment of metals, or in properties and processing of magnetic materials, or in powder metallurgy, please contact us at 856-786-9061 or by e mail at