Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second Year of Phase II Contract Funded

Life continues to be on the fast track for MagnaTech. Last Friday MagnaTech was notified that the second year of its current Phase II Department of Defense NAVAIR contract has been funded. As of next year, MagnaTech will have completed a year scaling up an innovative high temperature carburizing process to provide hardness, corrosion and wear resistance on hook points for advanced Navy aircraft. MagnaTech is up to speed on this contract, and now has capability of  carburizing a lot of 120 preforms in simulation of carburizing surfaces of hook points, To date MagnaTech has demonstrated that they can apply a surface hardness  greater than 60 HRC to a minimum depth of 1 mm in two hours. MagnaTech is awaiting issuance of a patent in respect to the new technology. MagnaTech continues to work on development of the process, and  can accomplish the task on martensitic stainless and low alloy steel preforms. MagnaTech is currently designing a test apparatus to test the carburized hook points under simulated service conditions.
MagnaTech also continues to provide services for testing of hi mu 80 and 50 Ni /50 Fe alloy ribbon forms. These items are currently used for inductors for mHz frequency applications. MagnaTech  believes that we have developed a powder and an insulative coating sufficient to improve the remnant magnetization, coercive field and  permeability of the alloys, as well as lower the core losses required of these important components of modern inverters for automotive applictions for either hybrid or electric vehicles. Customer interest in the testing capability for determining the soft magnetic properties continues to increase.
If you, as  producers of parts requiring  testing or development of coating technology to improve your  products, have need of our innovative technology, MagnaTech would be interested in partnering with you to improve your products.