Saturday, March 29, 2014

MagnaTech is currently in a phase of transition. We have sucessfully finished a Phase II SBIR contract where we have been awarded patents for carburizing or nitriding Navy parts, such as hook points and other rotating parts subject to wear and corrosion. We are currently working with a Navy contractor (Dawnbreaker) to transition the developed technology into a Phase III contract to for production of Defense and civilian applications that require wear and corrosion resistance. The advantage of the MagnaTech processes is that we can microalloy surfaces of ferrous alloys to create surfaces that are harder than 60 HRC for a required depth of hardness, and provide corrosion resistance equivalent to nickel base alloys without affecting required core properties. We can do this in one fifth the time required for carburization and nitriding processes in commercial use today. MagnaTech is currently encouraging furnace manufacturers, heat treating facilities and powder metallurgy parts fabricators to take advantage of these new processes and much more research that MagnaTech has to offer in the heat treating of commercial parts that require tight control to assure properties needed for the application. In particular,  MagnaTech specializes in thermal processing for stainless steel or magnetic alloys requiring stringent property control.
With all of the above, Magnatech is also starting to seek partners with whom to work  to use Additive Manufacturing technology that is currently coming on stream.MagnaTech is in the initial stages of development of several parts that lend themselves to this technology. MagnaTech is specifically interested in adapting the technology to electrical applications that would serve the community, while not being dependent on fossil fuels that contaminate the environment. Again, MagnaTech is seeking partners to advance the financial backing of these innovative ideas. MagnaTech is a research oriented company and we would appreciate the opportunity to explore with you the opportunity to improve technology in your sphere of interest through development of new materials and processing.