Monday, September 19, 2011

Magnatech Completes Federal Preaudit

MagnaTech believes that it is now qualified to receive government research projects. This statement results from an extensive adjustment of MagnaTech financial practices to conform with government requirements for cost plus fixed fee contracts. MagnaTech is currently awaiting a Phase II SBIR contract to continue work pertaining to carburization and nitriding processes, which are currently being reviewed for patent award. The Phase II contract, when offered,would concentrate a two year effort to research the possibility of including the technology to carburize or nitride less costly alloy steels to provide improved wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, the process will be scaled up to produce pilot loads of simulated parts for preparation for production. MagnaTech is interested in talking with interested parties regarding this new technology designed to reduce production time, produce cleaner parts and to improve the environment.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MagnaTech Submits Phase I Proposal to the Department of Energy

MagnaTech has now submitted a Phase I SBIR proposal to the Department of Energy. The proposal describes a research effort to reclaim phosphorus from wastewater sludge by reacting the phosphorus within the sludge with iron powder. Once the phosphorus has been reacted, the reacted powder will serve as a fluid bed to homogenize the phosphorus within the iron particles. It is expected that the powder produced will be further cold die compacted and sintered into parts for automotive transmissions and motor components, such as rotors and stators. MagnaTech currently has a patent accomplishing the same objective, using elemental phosphorus as the material. In the new concept, the phosphorus within the sludge is intended to replace the elemental phosphorus. The new technology will be beneficial to sewage authorities and other sources with unwanted phosphorus that must be transported to a landfill at the authority's expense. it will also alleviate health issues related to current processing techniques and conserve existing diminishing supplies of ore that are expected to be depleted by 2150. MagnaTech would be interested in dialog with interested parties concerning this new technology.