Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moyer Attends Heat Treating Conference

In my last blog I commented on the fact that students emerging into the industrial world were weak in basic training in math and science because they relied on their computer and their calculator to think for them. Last week I attended the ASM International Heat Treating Conference, and once again my suspicion was justified. A good portion of the conference was devoted to the modeling of heat treating processes. This is all well and good if the engineer has a full understanding of the process that is being modeled. However, once again a hugh volume of data is attained, but which of the solutions is of importance. It is at this point that knowing the fundamentals or the basic formlas and theory are required. Even so, experimentation is now required to prove that the method selected is the right solution. The point continues to be "garbage-in-garbage-out". Someone requires a basic knowledge of the material or device, or else a bundle of money has been spent and no product becomes apparent. The point being made is that, like the calculator and the computer, modeling is a tool. Sure, it can do things faster than a human performing the experimentation. In the long run, however, it boils down to yes, you can replace a lot of people with computer solutions; but in the end, you had better have in place a human who understands the fundamentals and can do the experimentation, or elso the computer can spit out data forever with no improvement in productivity--just a bunch of numbers that might be totally misleading. Therefore, think long and hard before you terminate your experienced people. The replacement just may be a pile of paper lying on the floor, of no or little use.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Reflection

Well, we are about to start a new cycle in our lives at MagnaTech. We are approaching the end of a Phase II Navy contract and we now must consider going commercial. Going commercial means financing and, being small, large scale finances are something that are not exactly sitting on the table waiting for us to spend the money. Therefore MagnaTech is looking idealy for an investor that will want to become part of the MagnaTech family. Yes, I do mean family because MagnaTech is founded on the basis of equal sharing of profits. What MagnaTech has developed includes surface heat treatment that can provide improved surfaces of steels by hardening to greater depth in shorter time while improving corrosion and fatigue resistance in a clean environmentally safe environment. MagnaTech has already received two patents protecting the properties and have two additional patents pending. To commercialize this technology, MagnaTech has decided to establish a new heat treating company with capability that is not readily available in America. This will include state of the art equipment that also is just beginning to be introduced to America. The investment required could very well fall within the capability of what is referred to in the commercial world as an Angel. We are looking for the right individual who wishes to be part of an inovative team with a dedicated objective of pioneering America into an improved technical world, putting our customer's needs first, and providing the best quality available expeditiously. Are you the person that we need to complete this picture?