Thursday, June 27, 2013

Does Modeling Resolve All Your Motor Design Problems?

Today's world is one where everyone wants every thing yesterday, in ABC technology if possible. Therefore, modeling systems have come into vogue. At first glance modeling looks as if it presents an exact solution--presto at the upbeat of a magic wand. In many instances, this turns out to be a sting.
Why? Because modeling is a cookbook approach, which takes several things for granted. First, it accepts the property data of the producer of the material as it is received. However, once the user does any operation on the material, the producer's data are invalid. Once you have changed the material, either by working it, such as machining, or by heat treatment, these properties may be entirely different than those the producer guaranteed. If, for some reason, you have not heat treated, or have improperly heat treated the material after the mechanical operations that you provided to produce the shape required for the device,  magnetic properties may be so degraded that the device will not operate as designed, or not operate at all. It is therefore imperative that the magnetic properties, or magnetization or hysteresis curve provided to produce the model be those of the product that you are supplying to the user of your magnetic component. Since the material, mechanical operations and heat treatment provided are all proprietorial to the supplier of the magnetic device, it is imperative that the producer supply his property-dependent magnetization curve derived from his process to provide the ideal model.
MagnaTech can provide the service to measure magnetic properties and construct the magnetization or hysteresis curve required to model the most efficient design of your magnetic device. MagnaTech also can provide heat treating services to upgrade your material, after your internal processing, to ensure that the properties promised by the materials producer are restored. Finally, MagnaTech can provide explanations and seminars to your personnel, educating them as to the requirements and considerations to produce the most efficient magnetic component for your customer's use consistently. Please call us to include MagnaTech as part of your team to improve and maximize the performance of your magnetic components. Call Ken Moyer at 856-786-9061 or email to for either magnetic testing or for consultation.