Saturday, April 26, 2014

MagnaTech Continues Search for Partner for Phase III Navy Contract

MagnaTech is still in the process of developing its patented carburizing and nitriding technology to secure a Phase III contract with the Navy to advance the technology to the production stage. To accomplish this objective MagnaTech would prefer to license the technology to  a current heat treating facility or  furnace manufacturer. Since the current work is supported under an SBIR contract awarded by NAVAIR, the licensee must be an American company, owing to ITAR law. MagnaTech has conversed with several interested parties, but has not yet found a licensee or partner.
MagnaTech is currently working with Dawnbreaker to identify potential candidates to advance the technology to the commercial stage. The Navy is employing Dawnbreaker to work with NAVY Phase II SBIR companies to accomplish this objective. In June Dawnbreaker will hold a Forum at which all consenting Phase II SBIR contractors will have an opportunity to present their technology to interested government agencies, prime defense contractors, and sub-contractors that could have interest in the developed technology. MagnaTech is devoting a major segment of their time to take advantage of this opportunity . In addition to the oral presentation of the technology, Magna Tech will be meeting with interested Navy communities that could benefit from the technology, and selected prime contractors that may have an interest in the technology. MagnaTech will also maintain an exhibit booth for a day and a half, exhibiting the highlights of what has been developed.  MagnaTech invites any interested invited parties reading this message to visit us at our booth to learn more about our patented processes.
In addition to this upcoming event, MagnaTech continues to seek possible parties that could benefit from our services and processes. Should you who happen to read this blog believe our technology would be of benefit to you, we are continually looking for these kinds of relationships. I was just reminded that MagnaTech is now entering into its 29th year as a research, consulting and service laboratory. During this time we have been proud to have developed many processes and to assist many other companies in their growth.