Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Issue

Well my dog is shedding like crazy and so get ready for a scorching August. For MagnaTech it is always a hot and an opportune time. It is tough to contact people and to get things done, yet life moves right along at its own pace.MagnaTech has five patents and one pending, mostly aimed at improving surfaces of steels for improved wear and corrosion resistance. In June MagnaTech participated at a Navy forum. This forum generated many leads from Navy branches regarding this technology. Among these were leads for restoration of worn parts. MagnaTech is offering proposals to use our technology coupled with advanced manufacturing to restore these surfaces for renewed use of expensive parts. MagnaTech has also been talking with various sources to partner the technology to the next level or production. In addition, although it has been stated that there is water, water, everywhere, this is not really the truth. Many regions are arid; some do not have the facilities, and yet others may be in trouble from overpopulation.I guess the first thought is of how do you gain water where there is none, and that began with our manned space flights. It was then that novel ideas were studied to maintain the self preservation and comfort of the astronauts. Since then, many communities have encountered threat to our groundwater supply. This, in many locations, result from hot weather when we fertilize our lawns with phosphates, and in the winter, when salt is used to permit safe driving conditions. Other areas where fresh water supply is endangered include waste water from the reclamation of oil from oil sands. Still others include arid regions that are adjacent to seawater. New techniques are needed to recover both energy and waste product from these sources. MagnaTech has ideas on how to resolve some of these problems, and intends to participate in some of the required research to resolve these pressing problems. Last there is the excitement of advanced technology processes that are just beginning to be explored. MagnaTech will be a participant in this area as well. MagnaTech therefore is actively seeking companies that are forward thinking to co-operate with to participate in these new avenues of interest, where solutions of current problems are mandatory. Please contact us if you believe that we have something to contribute to your program.