Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Excitement About High Entropy Alloys

Currently materials research has slowed down, unless you are into advanced manufacturing. Today almost all technology is focused on computers and mechanical devices, such as robots. In our opinion, this is a dangerous way to proceed. Already kids are begining to have difficulty in writing and spelling, and are more confused than ever by the new math being introduced. This is the beginning; what is going to happen when most of the nation becomes hooked on this new technology that takes the human factor from the big picture?
However, materials research is still needed for improvement in light car performance, solonoids, magnetic applications, deep sea technology, space and  nuclear energy. All of these applications require either improved alloys or new alloys to permit these future applications to evolve.
One of the new systems for improvement of special alloys is entitlled high entropy alloys. Actually development began way back in the 1980s with the superaalloys. At this time alloys existed for high temperature applications, but did not quite serve the application completely. However, if a slight amount of another element was added, or even an additional element in greater quantity, then the properties for the application were satisfied and life moved on.

In reality , however, there is no real definition of what a high entropy alloy is. Actually it is an alloy that is either modified or completely invented for specific applications, such as those new technologies mentioned above as being currently in progress at some scale of development. MagnaTech has been interested in improved magnetic alloys to provide improved power for electric cars. We are also active in development of heavy alloy materials. In this case, cobalt is a problem because it is largely produced in a potentially hostile country and also, although not classified, it is being considered as a carcenogenic. The Army was so concerned that it was working on research in that area. With the advent of the new laser technology for weaponry, the need for replacement has now abated. However, MagnaTech is starting a program to develop a binder for tungsten carbide that will eliminate the use of cobalt that is traditionally used as a binder.  MagnaTech always welcomes financial support for these projects being developed to improve applications for new designs for new technology.

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